Thank you for visiting our site. We are Software Development Company with the objective of building software systems that go beyond standard routines. This means using design and patterns that do not follow textbook constraints but rather behave like a living being. It also involves Artificial Intelligence. Our objective is to build software that will be capable of learning and games able to generate levels themselves. Our experience with poorly designed software is that it takes a lot of resources and money to maintain and such systems will never work correctly until they are redesigned from scratch. What we offer to our clients is redesigning their systems. This is something that cannot be learned from textbooks. It is something gained through experience and vision. Having well designed software leads to greater productivity of the entire company and also to a system that is easy to maintain. If you need guidance on how to manage your system please do not hesitate to contact us.

Improve your business

We can improve your business with system of distributed applications that include web, mobile and desktop. The applications are customized to the needs of your business.

Advanced Improvement

If you have already well developed information system we can further enhance it with our fuzzy systems. Fuzzy system can make conclusions based on the system state. Those conclusions can be used to analyze and improve business process.

Extending existing system

We can extend your existing system with the applications you are missing. This includes old systems such as Clipper or FoxPro and also large systems such as SAP. For example, we can build for you mobile application that will use existing SAP system.

Old System Migration

We can migrate old systems such as Clipper or FoxPro to the latest technologies.

Rapid Trade Software

Out of box solution that extends your system with trading capabilities through web, desktop and mobile.


We have developed many systems based on client’s requirements. Those projects include many different parts such as web applications, mobile applications, web application interfaces, Windows services etc. We have learned that software can grow only if it follows latest technologies and patterns such as ASP.NET MVC, Windows 8/Windows Phone, Android, iOS etc.